About Us

DirectMD Greeneville has a smaller panel of patients than a traditional practice, so Dr. Berry is able to provide you the level of personal care you deserve.


Dr. Berry started and has run PATMOS EmergiClinic – the only insurance-free, fee-for-service practice in northeast Tennessee – for over 18 years which has probably been the most personal, transparent, and cost effective primary care practice in the area before changing to direct primary care.

He is currently board certified in Internal Medicine and formerly board certified in Emergency Medicine, having logged over 15,000 hours in ER’s, many of which have had high patient volumes, and so he has seen and treated almost everything. He graduated from a top tier medical school (University of North Carolina), trained at a top tier residency program in Primary Care Internal Medicine (University of Alabama), and scored in the top tier on his Internal Medicine Boards (99% on its core component).

With this training, knowledge, and experience, he has been able to treat in his office many medical problems that most other primary care providers refer to the ER such as suturing chain saw wounds, removing rust rings from the eye, performing lumbar punctures, and providing IV therapy for dehydration.

Russell Perry, a board certified internist, joined Dr. Berry part time last June and brings a lot of experience to DirectMD Greeneville, having run his own private practice in Florida for over 30 years. His wife, Roxann, has joined us part time in the front office. Shelia Parker, our medical assistant, energizes the back office and has extraordinary phlebotomy skills. Dr. Berry’s wife, Blair, as most of you know runs the front office and is always ready to pray with patients.


As a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice, DirectMD Greeneville focuses on you and your health without intrusions from third parties such has insurance companies, the government, or hospital and large medical group administrators. With no obligations to them, we can provide primary care that is simple, transparent, personal, and affordable – the way it ought to be. If you give us a chance, we believe that we can help to restore some of your trust in the medical profession.

Our member benefits include full access to primary care, meaning you will have more time with Dr. Berry without co-pays, virtually unlimited access, and no limit on visits. Your monthly membership fee covers chronic disease management, high capability urgent care, preventive care, annual adult physicals, and the coordination of care with specialists and hospitalists when needed. We offer the added savings and convenience of onsite pharmacy, office tests, and phlebotomy.

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Great atmosphere, amazing employees, quick service, employees with a sense of humor.  THE BEST!


I have used Dr. Berry as my primary physician for approximately 15 years.  He always has time to do a thorough physical exam, listen to your symptoms and complaints, and answer all your questions.  The staff is just as great as Dr. Berry.  I would not go to anyone else.


I adore Dr. Berry and his staff.  They are like family…Dr. Berry is very kind, listens to your concerns and helps with his expertise and knowledge.  He has been my Dr. for over 15 years.