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DirectMD Greeneville has a smaller panel of patients than a traditional practice, so our Doctors are able to provide you the level of personal care you deserve.


Dr. Robert Berry started and ran PATMOS EmergiClinic – the only insurance-free, fee-for-service practice in northeast Tennessee – for over 18 years. This has probably been the most personal, transparent, and cost effective primary care practice in the area. PATMOS changed name to DirectMD Greeneville as it transitioned to a Direct Primary Care model.

In late 2020, Dr. Berry passed away, but DirectMD Greeneville continues to honor his legacy and passion for serving our patients.

Russell Perry, a board certified internist, joined Dr. Berry part time several years ago, and brings a lot of experience to DirectMD Greeneville, having run his own private practice in Florida for over 30 years. His wife, Roxann, has joined us part time in the front office. Shelia Parker, our medical assistant, energizes the back office and has extraordinary phlebotomy skills. Dr. Berry’s wife, Blair, as most of you know runs the front office and is always ready to pray with patients.

Several other local physicians have come together to keep the clinic staffed and able to to provide quality care. We are seeking one or more full-time Doctors to take the lead moving forward.



As a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice, DirectMD Greeneville focuses on you and your health without intrusions from third parties such has insurance companies, the government, or hospital and large medical group administrators. With no obligations to them, we can provide primary care that is simple, transparent, personal, and affordable – the way it ought to be. If you give us a chance, we believe that we can help to restore some of your trust in the medical profession.

Our member benefits include full access to primary care, meaning you will have more time with the Doctors without co-pays, virtually unlimited access, and no limit on visits. Your monthly membership fee covers chronic disease management, high capability urgent care, preventive care, annual adult physicals, and the coordination of care with specialists and hospitalists when needed. We offer the added savings and convenience of onsite pharmacy, office tests, and phlebotomy.

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Remembering Dr. Berry


January 4, 2021

I know that most of you know by now that Robert/Dr.Berry passed away at home in his sleep on December 28th. We are not sure of the cause but the ER doctor and Robert’s friend, Dr. Phil Thwing, think it was probably a pulmonary embolism which is what he had this summer. There was some thought that it could have been a complication from COVID but we don’t know that.

For some of you he was not just your doctor but a friend and even a pastor, and I grieve for your loss as well. He loved his patients and cared deeply. He would often talk with me about certain patients over dinner, thinking through how to best help a certain condition or if he should try a different course of action. He was grateful that you put your trust in him.

Many of you have expressed your desire to see the clinic continue and that is my hope. Please know that we are looking for someone who has the same work ethic, skill base and compassion as Robert and who will continue to provide low-cost, quality primary care. There are many options to pursue in this regard and I think something good will come of it. I would value your input as to what you would like to see.

We are so thankful for Dr. Russell Perry, who has been working with us for almost 4 years, who agreed to be the primary doctor for now so please know that your needs will be met. For those who have seen him before, you know that he is a trustworthy and caring doctor. We are also blessed that Dr. Robert Locklear will be working a few hours a week with us.

I’m sorry to say that Nancy Gaddy, who has worked with us for the past year, is moving to another job. Nancy has been such a blessing to us in so many ways and we thank God for sending her at the right time. We pray God’s blessings on her new adventure. Dr. Perry’s wife, Roxann, will be helping us out as she has in the past.

Our daughters, Margaret and Bekah, and myself are doing well. We are sad but not heartbroken because we know that he is with the Lord Jesus and fully alive. We have been surrounded and lifted up by loving notes, texts, emails, Facebook messages, food, prayer and the Lord. We don’t grieve as those without hope. If you don’t have the hope and assurance that you will be with the Lord for eternity, He is only a prayer away and I would be happy to talk and/or pray with you in person or over the phone for any reason.

Also, if you have a need outside of normal business hours, please call me anytime at 423-741-2373 and I will contact Dr. Perry. Also please feel free to email me as well.

Blair Berry

Image of Dr. Berry in office setting with phrase - Like Having a Doctor in the Family


Robert was born in 1958 in Morganton, NC, and grew up in Chapel Hill, NC.

He graduated from North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. He received a graduate Diploma in Christian studies from Regent College in Vancouver, BC.  He trained at a top tier residency program in Primary Care Internal Medicine at University of Alabama in Birmingham.

It was in Birmingham that Blair and Robert met and later married. Blair and Robert had two daughters, Margaret and Bekah, who are both registered nurses.

The Berry family moved to Greeneville in 1996, and Robert worked in the ER department of the former Takoma Hospital for several years. He opened PATMOS Emergiclinic in 2001 and was a strong advocate for the fee-for-service model and later the Direct Primary Care model.

Dr. Berry was loved by his patients, and was a caring and skilled provider that served the community enthusiastically.

Great atmosphere, amazing employees, quick service, employees with a sense of humor.  THE BEST!


I have used Dr. Berry as my primary physician for approximately 15 years.  He always has time to do a thorough physical exam, listen to your symptoms and complaints, and answer all your questions.  The staff is just as great as Dr. Berry.  I would not go to anyone else.


I adore Dr. Berry and his staff.  They are like family…Dr. Berry is very kind, listens to your concerns and helps with his expertise and knowledge.  He has been my Dr. for over 15 years.